ASTALIFT Basic Anti-Aging Skincare

AstaLift SetMerry Christmas Everyone! I can’t believe it’s already December. It’s been over a month since my last entry and to be honest it’s been really hectic that finding time to blog has proven to be difficult after getting back from my trip to Korea and to getting back to work and all.

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you something that I’ve been using for almost a month now and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments that I look young and radiant and I think it has something to do with the new skincare I’ve been using. I’m really liking the ASTALIFT Basic Anti Aging Skincare from FUJIFILM. Yes FUJIFILM, the film company and they launched a skincare brand back in 2007 known as ASTALIFT. With the company’s expertise in image analyzing and color developing in film they’ve now entered the cosmetic industry.

“Not many know that oxidation – the leading cause of freckles and skin ageing – is responsible for colour fading in photographs. FUJIFILM has applied its advanced understanding of the process of anti-oxidation technology to create ASTALIFT’s award-winning anti-ageing products.”

IMG_2037My Japanese friend Kiyoko gave me a travel set of the ASTALIFT Basic Anti Aging Skincare as a present when I last visited Japan in May. I didn’t get to try it until my trip to Korea last month. I didn’t have the time and patience to decant my current skincare to bring with me so I just grabbed the ASTALIFT Basic Anti Aging Skincare travel set instead.

It was the last week of Autumn in Korea so the 9 degree weather was too cold for my skin coming from the 33 degree weather in the Philippines not to mention sitting through very dry air on a 4 hour flight. Extreme weather changes can be quite punishing on the skin. I was scared that using a new skincare would cause a breakout but there was none  of that and ASTALIFT was a skin savior.

ASTALIFT1ASTALIFT Moisture Foam-This was first thing I tried from the set and I have nothing but love for this foaming cleanser. It comes out a peachy color and pearly looking paste and you only need very little amount to create a foam and it deep cleanses your skin leaves it soft and well moisturized. Even though it has a rosy scent, it didn’t irritate my skin.

ASTALIFT Cleansing Gel– I used this as a morning cleanser in Korea because the cold just sucks out all the moisture off your skin. It’s an orange-y clear gel which works into a white milky emulsion when it comes into contact with your wet face much like the Matsuyama M Mark cleansing gel. It’s very gentle but it’s said to be strong enough to cut through facial grease, dirt and makeup residue.

ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta-It has the same color as the cleansing gel and the texture is similar to a soft firm Jel-O. It’s a pre-lotion serum so this is the first product you should apply after cleansing. This really feels nice and I only use at night because I’m trying to save as much as I can. It targets dark spots, fine lines, dull and rough skin–pretty much all signs of skin aging.

ASTALIFT Lotion-In the morning, I use the lotion to prep and tone my skin. This helps retain skin moisture and sets the stage for the essence and moisturizer so your skin can fully absorb all the good stuff.

ASTALIFT Essence Destiny-This has got to be my favorite ASTALIFT product. With the same color as the Jelly Aquarysta, it’s very light on the skin but it contains high concentrates of anti-aging elements: nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, highly-permeable Resveratrol, and Royal Jelly that leaves your skin revitalized, plump and luminous. Well you see all of it the next day after waking up.

ASTALIFT Cream– A moisturizing cream that’s quite rich and heavy which is perfect for cold weather. It provides your skin that extra moisture and helps make your skin resilient.

In conclusion, I love the ASTALIFT Anti Aging Skincare range. You don’t need to wait for 3 months to see visible results. One thing I observed though is one has to use the entire system otherwise you won’t see much of the positive results it promises.  Lastly, this brand is on the high end side so it requires some saving up. A lot of saving up. At least for me. :)

If you’re interested to know more about ASTALIFT, here’s their Singapore link.

Matsuyama M Mark Gel Cleanser

IMG_1476OrigFinalEarly this month, I took a rest from my usual SK II regimen and tried out several skincare products. In the midst of trying out a new cleanser, a toning lotion, a facial mask, a sunscreen, my skin started to look red and started feeling tight and sting-y. While I couldn’t remember which product my skin negatively reacted to, I had to find a quick solution to the pressing matter at hand. I didn’t want to deal with another hyper pigmentation issue. I knew I had to remove everything I applied on my face but I was afraid my usual cleansers would be too strong which could potentially make things worse.
IMG_1477I needed something soothing enough to calm the redness and one that wouldn’t sting. Also something that I could use not just on a temporary basis but long term–a gentle, soothing and effective cleanser. I looked through my stash hoping to find a sample of a cleanser that would save me from my predicament when I spotted the Matsuyama M Mark Gel Cleanser. This was a present I received from my friend Sachie, when I visited Tokyo in June. She was excited to share with me her favorite cleanser. I remember her mentioning this is good for sensitive and dry skin. It uses soybean germ extract, a natural ingredient commonly used in Japanese traditional cosmetics.  My Japanese friends know about skincare and beauty far more than I do so I didn’t think twice about using this to bring my skin back to its normal state.
IMG_1483Upon opening the clear tube, I took a sniff to find out if it had any strong fragrance but I almost couldn’t smell anything except for a hint of natural scent I couldn’t identify. It’s not disgusting or anything, in fact it’s a gentle natural scent that’s quite pleasant.
Matsuyama M Mark.jpgThe gel is clear and not sticky nor hard to work on your skin. It easily melts into a white milky emulsion upon contact with water. it doesn’t bubble or work into suds but you feel it soothing and moisturizing your skin as you gently massage it to cleanse your face.  After rinsing, my face didn’t sting anymore and the redness significantly subsided. I was very impressed with the immediate results that I suddenly remembered I had very little knowledge about this product or brand.

After doing a bit of research, the Matsuyama M Mark brand is known for using natural ingredients in their product. The M Mark Series with the Brown label which includes this gel is targeted for adult women with moisture retention problem including those with acne prone skin. As women age, we lose moisture and the ability to retain moisture thus affecting the skin’s complexion, suppleness, as well as elasticity. The soybean germ extract which contains peptide glycerin helps  moisturize and retain moisture in the skin. I also found out that the right kind of peptide helps the skin build collagen thus reducing wrinkles.

I hope this cleanser has the collagen building kind of peptide. In any case, I’m happy I could try this unique cleanser. It was a lifesaver.

Which product has saved you from a recent skin disaster?

Empties #2: September 2013

Empties Top2Here I am again with another empties post! I know–my last one was way back in February but it took me a (long) while to fill my empties box with some interesting products. Well, probably not so interesting. I’ve reviewed most of them but perhaps you’ll find my final thoughts on these products helpful.


I got these in Japan on my trip last June. Reveur is a popular Japanese non silicone brand and after trying a sample, I wanted to get the full size to bring home for my sisters. But the big bottles were too bulky for my suitcase so I opted for the refill pack. The combination of berries and Damask rose smells wonderful. It lingers even the day after using it.  My hair easily tangles but this made my hair soft and smooth and very manageable.


Although this has some of the nasties such as SLS and silicone that some people are trying to avoid, it really kept my hair soft, smooth and shiny.  I got a full color plus highlights back in July and my hair easily dries out with the harsh chemicals hair colors contain so my sister and I tried this out and after switching to a non treatment shampoo, my hair became crazy dry so this stuff works. I would recommend this to those who looking to revive dry hair or prevent further damage to chemically treated hair who aren’t so sensitive to SLS and silicone.


This was a sample from the maiden issue of the BDJ box. My sisters used this for short and over night trips so I didn’t really use this consistently. There wasn’t anything special about this hair treatment. It functioned just like a regular conditioner.


I wasn’t able to find this in the English website of Hada Labo so this is probably exclusively sold in Vietnam where my sister traveled last summer. Like the Hada Labo lotion, this one was very gentle and hydrating. I think it’s fragrance free or at least I couldn’t smell any scent and it didn’t irritate my skin or left it tight and dry.  It’s anti aging and moisturizing. A great morning cleanser.


This took forever to finish. I just wanted to even out the skin tone on my legs and arms so I picked this up at Watsons last year but it irritated my elbow creases.  So I ended up using it just on my knees and elbows. Not recommended for sensitive skin.


The best translucent powder I’ve tried although I haven’t tried a lot. This is actually my sister’s who has a darker skin tone and I do so I like that this fits all types of skin tone. It’s very fine and just disappears into the skin but it leaves a satin-like veil over your setting powder. Touching up your makeup with this leaves your makeup looking fresh and luminous.

DHC DEEP CLEANSING OIL-My HG oil cleanser. There. I finally said it. Other great makeup removers here.

THE BODY SHOP SHOWER GELS-Must have for the summer. These helped me survive the summer heat.

-ATLAS MOUNTAIN ROSE-My favorite! It’s mildly musky.

-SWEET LEMON-The zest of lemon is very refreshing.

-MANGO-The scent of mango is very sweet.

ETTUSAIS LIP ESSENCES-The best lip treatment I’ve ever tried. I’m planning on cutting the tube open just to use whatever’s left inside. I am now looking to purchase and perhaps stock up. Read  my review here.

-HONEY-slightly sticky but very tolerable. Smells amazing!

-COLOR-slightly tinted but doesn’t stain the lips.

MOMMY PATCH MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL-My third bottle. Love this stuff! Reviewed here.

MOMMY PATCH LAVENDER LINEN & ROOM SPRAY-Refreshes a stuffy room like a champ! Reviewed here.

WEN SWEET ALMOND MINT CLEANSING CONDITIONER-Beyond my price range. My thoughts here.

‘Til the next empties post. Thanks for reading! ♡

L’Occitane Divine Cream

LOCCITANE Divine Cream1One item I’ve recently incorporated in my skin care regimen is the Divine Cream from L’Occitane which my friend Sachiko got me as a souvenir from her New York  trip last July. I’m now in my mid thirties and I can definitely see that my skin is not the same as it was 10 years ago. While my skin is finally clear from (adult) acne, there are new skin issues I have to deal with. Visible signs of aging such as brown spots, fine lines and dullness are now more obvious. I started venturing into products with anti aging properties when I turned 30 but I never took them seriously. Honestly, I don’t think topical cosmetics can reverse skin aging.LOCCITANE Divine Cream OpenTouted as the “miracle cream”, the Divine Cream is awarded best anti aging cream by magazine Harper’s Bazaar. It promises to “visibly correct all signs of ageing, for beautiful, younger-looking skin”. When I read about the successful results of their clinical test in the L’Occitane UK webstore, it actually convinced me to be more committed to using it regularly. But that’s not to say that I’m buying into their claims of erasing fine lines and smoothing out wrinkles or lifting effect.  Anyway, I was curious to see what miracle this cream could do to my skin.LOCCITANE Divine Cream SampleThe cream comes in a heavy, yellow gold glass tub that looks like royalty. It comes with a clear plastic spatula which I think is a bit short especially when you start getting to the bottom of the jar. You’re gonna have to use your fingers to get enough product. LOCCITANE Divine Cream_2The cream itself is very lightweight and you only need a little to cover the entire face. You might find the fragrance a bit strong but it’s not overpowering. I think its scent is probably the best thing about this cream. Every time I open it, the scent just lingers inside the room that it sets a relaxing mood.  The texture is creamy but doesn’t feel greasy when applied. In fact, it leaves your skin velvety soft to the touch. It moisturized the dry patches on my face and gave my skin a healthy glow. I think the pictures I took of the cream applied on my arm doesn’t really show the glow but it’s there. It’s not shiny or glossy but the skin looks hydrated and glowy. You can use it night and day just don’t forget to use a sunscreen or a base with SPF because this doesn’t have any.

After 2 week of using the cream, my skin’s overall complexion improved. But that’s about it. I didn’t see any other significant changes such as dark spots fading or fine lines disappearing. Was I disappointed that the cream didn’t deliver much? Not really. I think anti aging products need time (a lot of time) for it to show visible results depending on the skin’s condition.  Will I continue using the cream? Yes. It’s a great moisturizer that smells divine and I wanna wait it out till I finish it up to see if it’s done anything close to a miracle on my skin. Will I purchase one for myself? Sorry, I’m gonna have to pass. At $106, it’s crazy expensive. The market is swarming with plenty of anti aging moisturizers that are just as good or maybe even better at half the price.

Have you started using anti aging products?

Bloglovin’ App

BloglovinI’ve been meaning to publish some posts but I’ve been too lazy to take photos and edit them especially because it’s been raining non stop for the past few days. But I got to do some catching up on my blog reading with the Bloglovin’ app I recently downloaded. I know, I’m so late it the game but I got to go through my favorite blogs which reminded me of what made me fall in love with their blogs in the first place.

So if you still haven’t downloaded the Bloglovin’ app, head over to the App Store or Google Play and don’t forget to follow Mylittlebeautystash.