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Oh Goody! Free Samples!

Hurray for free samples

I have always wished I was like those girls and women who have perfectly normal skin allowing them to try different types of beauty products.  I would pore over many beauty blogs from all over the world reading about their raves and rants over the cosmetics they’ve sampled.

For a long time, I could only stick to a select few products that wouldn’t disturb the balance of my skin.  But now that my skin has calmed down to a safe level where I can finally explore and road test cosmetics that are not part of my regular regimen, well–let the experimentation begin.

Most of these are samples of serums and masks

I’m gonna start with these little beauty samples that I have accumulated–majority of which are actually sent over by very good friends and relatives.  I thought it’s high time to start using anti-aging serums so I hope I can find a good one from this batch.

Ask for your free samples every time you purchase at your favorite cosmetic shop

Don’t you just loves free samples?  If you have a beauty product you can recommend and want to see it featured on my blog, I’d be happy to receive a free sample. Wink, wink.

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