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Beauty Behind the Mask

Face Masks: DHC, Dermal, Sasatinnie

I look forward to weekends because I get some “me” time and one of the things I do is indulge myself to a nice soothing face mask.

Do we really need face masks? Oh yes! Stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and free radicals in the air can take a toll on your skin so  slapping on a face mask once a week helps rejuvenate your skin and keep skin troubles at bay. As for me–it saves me a few visits to my dermatologist.

DHC Face Masks

I did a little research on face masks and I found out (if you haven’t already) that these beauty enhancers have been around since Cleopatra’s time.  Compared to your regular skincare products, face maskse are highly concentrated with active ingredients that penetrate the epidermis helping to lift impurities that clog your pores and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that make your skin unhealthy and sallow looking.

Sasa’s Sasatinnie Face Masks

So on our trip to Hong Kong last summer, my sisters and I got ourselves a few packs of face masks.  Oh Sasa, are you ever coming to the Philippines? We also received some DHC masks as presents from our friends in Japan.

DHC Mineral Mask (clay mask)

Mineral Masks:

Mineral masks are best for oily and acne prone skin.  The DHC Mineral Mask is definitely my top favorite.  This does a good job of unclogging pores and reducing excess oil.  It also clarifies your overall complexion and it promotes natural cell turnover.  I have been using this mask for a while now and I keep it in the fridge so when I apply it on my skin, it feels cool and relaxing. Like any clay mask, you just smooth this over your face, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. This one delivers what it promises.

Brightening Face Masks

Brightening Masks:

Masks with Arbutin (a whitening agent), Hyaluronate, Pearl Essence, or Pomegranate (which is rich in vitamin C) help brighten the skin as it evens out your skin tone.  These are good pick-me-up masks for tired and dull looking skin.  The DHC Alpha Arbutin White Mask showed the best performance among the batch. The sheet was thin enough and it clung to the skin well. We also got the Pearl and Hyaluronate Face Masks from Dermal, a Korean brand and the Sasatinnie Pomegranate & Collagen Mask from Sasa. Sasatinnie ‘s sheet masks have the best fit. The other sheet masks are wider in size.

Anti Aging Face Masks:
DERMAL-Vegetable Placenta and Snail Essence Mask
DHC Medicated Pack Sheet Q 0.3
Sasatinnie Rose Hip Oil face Mask

Anti Aging Masks:

Many Anti aging masks use placenta, Rose Hip, Collagen, Q10 a popular age defying agent in many cosmetics and the most recent phenomenon in Korean skin care–Snail extracts to maintain skin’s elasticity, suppleness and youthful glow.

According to wikipedia, snail slime currently used in cosmetics, is rich in protein, Hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.  All the rich ingredients help soothe, regenerate and heal the skin.  So if you feel like having some escargot delight on your skin, try the Snail face mask.

Our current favorite Anti aging Mask is the DHC Medicated Pack Sheet Q 0.3.  This leaves your skin instantly feeling refreshed and recharged erasing signs of stress.

There are so many face masks in the market nowadays. Do you use facial masks on a regular basis? What’s your favorite?  Please share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Behind the Mask

    1. Hey Shawie! We got the sheet masks at Sasa in HKG. They also have an online store but I haven’t tried it yet.
      So if ever you’re swinging by HKG, make sure to drop by Sasa. I will also try some that are locally available. Will blog about it soon. =)

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