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My First Empties Post

I’ve seen many beauty bloggers– mostly from the UK who post a monthly blog about products they’ve used up and I was inspired to to do my own empties post. It makes sense.  A lot, actually. It’s not difficult to amass tons of beauty products with the constant new releases in the market.  But I want to be careful not to develop –or much worse promote an avarice for heaps of cosmetics. After all, our skin can only take so much.

So here are the products I managed to finish up this month.


Joy got me this as a New Year’s gift on her trip to the US.  This has Anti-wrinkle Defense with Survival  Molecules and Corallina Extract which promises to  diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect the skin from damage due to free radicals. It’s a light cream and glides on smoothly without the greasy feeling.  I apply this on my laugh lines, under eye area and around the corners of my eyes.


This is probably the best spot treatment I’ve ever used. For those who are acne prone, this is one thing you can’t be without.   It’s a bit pricey at 820Php for the 10g tube but it’s worth it. I don’t get much pimples anymore after going on the Isotretinoin. But on days when some pimples dare to party on my face, I use this. It stops those zits from flaring up and helps heal those cystic pimples quickly. It’s photosensitive so I make sure to use sunscreen. By the way, this is available only in big Mercury drugstore branches and easily goes out of stock.


This is probably one cream my sisters and I never travel without.  It’s very multifunctional. You can double it as a hand lotion, a moisturizer, a rash soother, a skin softener.  And if ever we forget to bring one, it’s readily available in supermarkets or drugstores anywhere in the world.  Sometimes it can be daunting shopping for your beauty essentials in a foreign country, so knowing a ubiquitous product saves you from unnecessary stress .

Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50

Like the NIVEA SUN Smooth Milk SPF 50, this sunscreen is very lightweight and doesn’t leave you looking shiny like a religious statue or a wax figure. The milk sunscreens are very make-up friendly as it doesn’t clash with your BB cream or foundation.


Kaye (my younger sister) and I had fun using this powder. For a loose powder, it has the silky finish of a translucent powder.  It’s also very light so even if you reapply after several hours for retouch doesn’t weigh on your skin.  It’s perfect to wear on top of the BB cream.

KATE Cheek Color S in RD1

A big winner in our stash so it’s no wonder that we quickly finished it up. The RD1 had a really nice light coral color. The KATE Cheeck Color S blushes are not highy pigmented which I like because sometimes I go a little overboard. I haven’t quite mastered the art and science of putting blush on yet so this works well for me.

Shiseido Maquillage Moisture Rouge RS724

My very first Shiseido lipstick. I’m gonna miss this one.  It gives your lips a  nice rosy sheer but still very natural- looking.  And this didn’t dry my lips.  It’s moisturizing without that sticky texture.

L’OCCITANE Verbena Body Lotion

You all know how I raved about this lotion in my current favorites post. So, enough said.


This is an amazing hair lotion for color treated hair and I’m just sad that I’ll unlikely get another one. You’re probably familiar with the love and hate relationship I have with my hair.

This one really helped arrest the hair damage I am now to dealing with. This hair lotion provided great moisturizing, smoothing, detangling–I don’t know what’s in it because the label is in Japanese.
This didn’t weigh my hair down at all plus it smelled so divine.  So I’m on the hunt for a hair product that will resuscitate my hair back to life.


Do you sometimes feel that you’re buying more cosmetics than you need? Share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “My First Empties Post

  1. *sigh* I kinda feel guilty after reading this post :p I do sometimes buy cosmetics more than what I need. shopping for cosmetics and skin care items is like shoe shopping for me :))

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