Pink Scents

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I decided to join Sweetjellybean‘s pink campaign for October.  I just had to follow suit in supporting Breast Cancer awareness month because it’s a disease where all women are at risk and affects 1 out of 3 Filipino women. So I’m doing what little I can to help remind women and men to read up on breast cancer, share information, encourage and pray for someone you know who’s battling the disease, or support brands and organizations that are raising funds for breast cancer research. Look for the pink ribbon.

I might not be able to do this again so allow me to blog in pink this time.  I went through my stash to look for some pink items to feature here and I found 3 which all happen to be perfumes.

I have a very sensitive olfactory so I stay steer clear from strong scented perfumes.  I like mild scents be it musky, sweet, floral or citrusy. And ladies, you don’t want your perfume wafting across a mile.  In the words of Ally McBeal, “and  your perfume–you could be flammable“.

I find shopping for perfume quite tricky.  I smell 2 to 3 different scents and I get woozy and confused which one to get so I have to wait another day to let the scent linger on my arm and sniff which one has a lasting but non overwhelming fragrance.  In HongKong you can buy small sample size perfumes to try out before buying full size bottles. You can buy 2 to 3 or as many as you want to try out until you find the right one.  And those that doesn’t suit you–well, you can give away as pasalubong (Filipino word for souvenir present).

Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin

“Jeanne Lanvin is a creation based on the perpetually seductive musk, with a sweet blackberry and pear top note that leads into a heart made of raspberry, pink peony, crystallised rose and white freesia.”

Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin is one of the perfumes my sisters and I got from ColorMix in HongKong.  I love love love this perfume.  It’s fragrance is delicate and romantic.  A nice scent to wear during daytime and night time. I think this the full size bottle is worth saving up for.

L’OCCITANE Fleur de Cerisier Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume

“This delicate and soft fragrance is an alcohol-free solid perfume, perfect for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day.”

This light scented solid perfume is very handy to carry in your clutch or when you’re traveling. No breakage, no spillage and you won’t have to worry about leaving your favorite perfume bottle with the customs officer. The brand L’Occitane en Provence supports Breast Cancer Awareness.

Victoria’s Secret Give a Little Pink Body Mist

“Refreshing, all-over body mist leaves skin lightly fragranced with a festive mix of snowy violet and apple blossom.”

Another one of Joy’s loot from her US trip. This was a limited edition for the 2011 Holiday season. VS and I aren’t exactly BFFs where their fragrances are concerned.  I find their body sprays –not very secretive. But this body mist is very light and nice to spritz on after a night shower when you’re getting ready for bed.  The scent lingers and you wake up still smelling the fresh fragrance. For me it’s a bit musky to wear during the day as it gets humid and the scent fades and somehow changes to a spicy scent so I only use it after showering at night. Victoria’s Secret is another brand supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Ready to think pink? Share in the comments below.

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