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Review: Lavender Rescue Stick by mommypatch

I’m super excited because this is my first sponsored review.  When I started blogging, I actually told just a few friends because it was uncharted territory for me.  Unsure if I was doing it right, I was so apprehensive about telling everyone that it took me almost a month to officially announce it on Facebook. I am thankful to Amaya, who was one of the first few friends I told about my little project. She was very supportive and encouraged me to continue blogging. She also happened to personally know a business owner looking for someone to blog about their innovative products. Of course I was thrilled at the chance of road testing and promoting excellent Filipino-made products.

Mommy Patch, famous for its anti-mosquito rescue line such as the rescue patch, rescue stick, rescue candles and rescue gel is dedicated in producing child-safe products using natural ingredients without harmful chemicals and preservatives. Mommy Patch also offers other products like lip balm, body massage oil, solid perfumes, soaps, body butter just to name a few. You can check out their full product line here.

I received a few of the Mommy Patch goodies last week and I was planning on doing a collective review but realized that I didn’t want another long post. I thought I’d start with the Lavender Rescue Stick.

This became an instant favorite.  It smells so good, smells so soothing as it uses 45% Lavender essential oil. Lavender which is known for its natural healing properties, helps with skin allergies, bruises, cuts,  burns, scars and even acne. I have sensitive skin and I easily get rashes not just on my face. I was able to use this on my mosquito bites, ant bites and some skin rashes due to heat allergy. I have to say that the Lavender stick works like a charm.  You just swipe it on the affected area and the itchiness fades fast while the redness and puffiness quickly subsides.  And because it’s ingeniously packaged in stick form, it’s very handy and easy to apply.

If you’re looking for a natural solution to insect bites and itchy rashes that’s steroid free and doesn’t have the annoying smell ointments have, this might just be what you’re looking for. The Lavender Rescue Stick retails for 195Php.

To order the Lavender Rescue Stick, head on over to and learn more information or visit their Facebook page here.

*Products were sent as PR samples however my review is based on my honest thoughts and opinion and are in no way influenced whatsoever.


4 thoughts on “Review: Lavender Rescue Stick by mommypatch

  1. I super love this baygee! I swear by this product you know =) Tyler’s skin is not as sensitive as mine, but we both benefit from this. I have yet to try this on Donn’s uber sensitive skin, I am sure it will work wonders too. The photos are great!!! Did you take them or Kaye did?

    1. Hey Amaya! Thanks as always. I sent Ms. Maricel a message on FB, Hope she got it. I took the photos but Kaye was telling me how to do it. For someone who’s always roughing it outdoors, Donn has sensitive skin?He should include this to his survival paraphernalia.

  2. This is cool! Been looking for natural stuff for my baby’s insect bites. Hope you can write a post on the anti-mosquito patch too. The ones we use now are not as effective as claimed 😦

    1. Thanks May! Oh that’s too bad… According to a friend, the mommy patch anti-mosquito patch is very effective. They used it when they went to a province where there’s high cases of dengue and malaria but they came home unscathed. 🙂

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