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November Haul

You might think this is pushing the envelope but it’s not. Really. My family and I were just impressed with Mommy Patch that we decided to purchase for ourselves to try more of their products. And since it’s Philippine made (with very good quality), we thought it makes supporting the local economy worth it.

From the packaging you can already see the uniqueness and how Mommy Patch has set itself apart from the rest of the local brands. They use biodegradable materials for packaging that’s both attractive and environment friendly. It comes with an eco bag and all my orders were safely packed in this nifty wooden crate.

Now on to the products.

  • Glowing Contessa Olive Dry Oil Mist-My sister was so intrigued by this oil mist. She loves after show body oils.
  • Olive Blossoms Wax Melts-These are great gift ideas and my sister wanted to try it before giving some for Christmas.
  • Soap on a Roap-Another great gift idea. We actually received one of these as a Christmas present last year.
  • Mood Alchemy Perfume Spray-I was curious what this was so I thought of ordering one. It turns out it’s a mood enhancer you can spray on yourself, in your room, car and anywhere you need to enhance the mood or atmosphere.
  • Lavender Linen/Room Spray-My Mom loved the scent of the Lavender Linen/Room Spray I was sent last month so much that she decided to get 2 for our family.
  • Lavender Rescue Stick-We ran out already so we ordered for another one.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil-My sisters and I just fell in love with the Argan Oil. We just had to place our order before we ran out of this little wonder.
  • Cocoa Butter Lip Rescue-I’m a lip balm addict and what attracts me to this particular lip balm is it’s petroleum-free. Isn’t that worth trying? This will be the first thing I’ll review. So keep your eyes peeled.
  • Solid Perfumes-We got the Silk, Dark Vanilla and Merry Berry. Unlike some spray perfumes, this doesn’t scream for attention. The scent is kept mild and intimate.

What did you shop for this November? Share in the comments below.

*All products in this post are non sponsored and were personally purchased

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