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Alba Botanica Leave-in Conditioner

Alba Botanica topYou’ve probably read about my hair dilemma a couple of months back and I even dedicated a month of beauty hauling on hair products. One hair product I overlooked to include in my blog was the Alba Botanica Leave-in Conditioner. I picked this up at Healthy Options back in August and it’s been part of my hair care regimen ever since.

My friend Yumiko told me that she has stopped using shampoo and other hair products with silicone as it only makes your hair look and feel smooth but it actually turns your hair to hay. Very dry, coarse  and brittle. So I researched about it and found out a few things. Let me share my little discovery.

Not all silicones are harmful but look out for those that can cause hair build up. Amodimethicone and Dimethicone are types of silicones that’s difficult to remove as they are water insoluble. Hence the hair build up. And hair build up equals to weighed down, dry, dead looking hair. And if you have color treated hair like I do, you’re not supposed to use –or at least avoid (as much as you can) using hair products containing silicone which tend to strip the color from your hair.

Alba Botanica Label1So I got myself the Alba Bontinica Leave-in Conditioner to ease my way into using non silicone hair products. It’s formulated for dry, damaged and color treated hair, and it has Moringa Seed micro-protein which protects your hair from sun and other environmental damage. It’s also fragrance free so it will not clash with your scented hair styling products. Lastly, it has no SLS which tends to strip your hair from its natural oil, and it’s paraben free.

Alba Botanica LICThe consistency is light, a cross breed between milk and cream so it’s not sticky. I give my hair a good massage with this after towel drying then I follow it up with the Mommy Patch Moroccan Argan Oil when my hair is almost dry. It’s a great detangler and it doesn’t leave my hair weighed down but smooth and very manageable.

Retailing for less than 400Php, you get 200g which I think is value for money. While it did not dramatically improve the condition of my hair–well not overnight, it did prevent my hair from further damage. Combined with the Argan oil, then I can say it improved my hair condition. I use this almost everyday and I’ll definitely repurchase as it has become a staple in my hair care regimen.

What product has your hair been loving lately? Share in the comments below.

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