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Get Gorgeous with the Girls Inspired Group *Closed*

Extra, extra! Read all about! The Girls Inspired Group is hosting a gorgeous giveaway! This group of lovely girls are giving away an Eilsha Coy 3D spin Cleanser to one lucky blogger. I’m sorry, girls who? Okay, let’s process. The Girls Inspired Group is your friendly Facebook-blogging community with a passion to inspire and involve. Being new to blogging, I had tons of questions (I still do) and some of the girls at GIG were kind enough to enlighten me and help me understand at least half of what I’m supposed to be doing.

GIG GiveawayI saw one blogging community on Facebook with a lot of Filipino bloggers registered and I was super excited to join but they still haven’t accepted my request to join. It must be exclusive or something. The Girls Inspired Group on the other hand is very welcoming and friendly. They just reached 100 members on Facebook and they’re celebrating this milestone with an awesome giveaway.

Join the Girls Inspired Group and who knows, you might win this fabulous electronic facial cleansing brush and some good friends in the blogoshpere too.

To find out more about the Girls Inspired Group and this Giveaway head over to Sweetjellybean‘s. And if you want to learn more about the Elish Coy 3D Spin Cleanser click here.

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