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November BDJ Box

BDJ BOX Nov1After choosing a monthly subscription to the BDJ box last month which was their launching month, I was impressed with the bounty of product samples it brought. The box was heavy and the brand names they carried covered both ends of the spectrum, the high end brands and the relatable and pocket friendly brands. But to my chagrin, the big names I was expecting to surprise me didn’t premiere in the box. They were after all reserved for those with longer term subscriptions. Well, I decided to stick around for another month just to see if BDJ has something new to offer.

BDJ BOX Nov7For starters, they have upgraded their information card with more detailed description including the retail price of the products in full size which is very helpful when you’re consciously following a beauty budget.

BDJ BOX Nov8Consistent to its first box, it came with a lot of samples and more discount cards which I’m sure will come in handy in the near future. But more than that, the November DBJ box was less mainstream and a tad more novel this time around with a couple of big names which didn’t appear in the previous box.

I won’t go through the entire box but I will be highlighting my favorites.

BDJ BOX Nov2The November BDJ box came with samples of Garnier‘s lightening and peeling creams which seem to be BDJ’s regulars including L’Oreal only this time it was a tiny sample of a gel moisturizer for men. Samples of Yuka non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover Wipes and Dentiste Plus White Vitamin C + Xylitol were nice additions.

As for my favorites…

BDJ BOX Nov4I was delightfully surprised to see 2 sample sizes of L’Occitane’s Extra Gentle Milk Soap with Shea Butter in the box. Now these were unexpected and it came with a 10% discount card. It has a really nice clean scent and it’s pure vegetable soap. I love the brand L’Occitane as you’ve seen a couple of their products gracing my blog before.

BDJ BOX Nov3Just when I was resigned to the idea that this brand was exclusive to long term subscribers, BDJ included 2 samples of Shiseido’s The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam plus the Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Day Cream with SPF 15.  I was really pleased to see this brand in the box as I was hoping to sample their skin care products since their makeup products I’m using are amazing.

BDJ BOX Nov5Now I found the scent of Clavin Klein’s BEAUTY sophisticated and very mature as it is geared towards women in their forties who have hit that confident stride secure of who they have become. The floral scent is pretty strong, appropriate for women who know what they want and are comfortable in their femininity. Though not a personal favorite, I thought some of you might be interested to know my personal impression on this fragrance.

BDJ BOX Nov6Stiefel has been a brand I have trusted for many years now and I was happy to see a tube of Stiefel’s PHYSIOGEL Intensive Cream. Physiogel is a brand of skin care products formulated for hypersensitive skin.

The Nippon Facial Cleansing Sponge looks useful. I’m gonna try it with my favorite cleansers. It’s supposed to help slough off dead skin cells.

Overall, I was pleased with the November BDJ box. I might stick around for the December box. And this time, some make up treats, perhaps…

What would you like to see in your next BDJ Box? Share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “November BDJ Box

  1. ;~; i want to get a box in the mail some day </3
    the calvin klein perfume looks nice o.o honestly i've noticed they smell so wonderful. i'm trying to pick one out right now for christmas and i was stuck between dior addict and klein's eternity… something.. i think. i picked dior addict because i forgot the name of the other and then didn't have a sample XDDDDDD

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