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Shiseido Maquillage Nail Esthelist

SM Nail Est1

I’m not really huge on nail art or nail polishes. I guess I’m not that girly when it comes to manicures. It’s not that I don’t appreciate nail art, I do. I can stare at pictures of nail art for a considerable amount of time and remain entertained. It’s just that it doesn’t whip me into a nail painting frenzy the way photos of cosmetics compel me to blog. I don’t even like growing my nails long. And I usually stick to the neutral colors– pale pink, nude, french tips just enough to appear well groomed. The last time I felt adventurous with nail polishes was over 6 months ago.Β I chose a very pale turquoise color and it took me countless tries before I got it right. After that, I was back to pale pink.

When I do lacquer up, which is very rare, I never wear a base coat which you’re supposed to if you plan on keeping your nail polish on for a long time and protect your nails. Another thing is, there’s more nail polish removing than nail painting. Which is not good because frequent use of nail polish and removers can leave nails dry, brittle and yellowish.

SM nail Est2The Shiseido Maquillage Nail Esthelist helps solve those problems. It’s a nail treatment which helps restore dry, brittle nails and cuticle back to health. It’s an oil concentrate and when you apply it, you’re supposed to massage your nails in an outward swirling motion to spread and allow the oil to absorb. I like the way the liquid is gradient pink but the oil is colorless upon application and it smells sweet like shampoo.

SM Nail Est4I’ve had this for a while now. It was a birthday gift from two years ago and I’ve never really thought of using it until recently when my nails went dry and yellowish. I’ll probably need to take a trip to the nail salon to completely remove the yellowish cast but definitely my nails are no longer dry or brittle.

Are you into nail polishes? How about nail art or gel nails? How do you take care of your nails? Share in the comments below.

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