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Ettusais BB Mineral White

BB Mineral White, 3 Lip Essences: Original, Honey and Tinted Color and Brown Liquid Eyeliner

Two weeks ago I received a package from Misako, who’s a writer for a Japanese business magazine. She saw my blog and we got to talk about cosmetics. One of the perks of writing for the glossies is she gets inside scoop on the latest movers and shakers in Japanese cosmetics. She shared to me one of the biggest cosmetic trends in Japan this year: achieving the “baby look”.

Cosmetic companies released products to help Japanese women attain that smooth glowing baby-like skin and lips. Shiseido‘s drugstore brand Ettusais [ˈe.t(y)oō.sā] (french phrase for You know what?) has been successful in leading this trend with their Back to the Baby campaign with their BB Mineral Cream and Lip Essences. Recently Ettusias just released the Puru Puru Mist for that plump baby looking skin.

She was so sweet to send me some of Ettusais’ popular products to try and review. Thanks so much Misako for these awesome Ettusais goodies. As a regular BB cream user, I was excited to review the Ettusais BB Mineral White first.

3Formulated non-comedogenic and fragrance free, this BB cream is perfect for acne prone skin. The SPF 45 –the highest in a BB cream I’ve come across with, is just what we need in sunny Philippines. It is 79% skincare with rich hydrating and moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin for that supple dewy effect while the unique ingredient AC-Control Oil controls surface sebum. Now that’s a good balance. The added pure white brightening powder has light reflecting properties giving your skin that bright and radiant glow.

11Available in 3 shades, 10-light, 20-natural and 30-healthy, I was sent shade 20 which is just right for my ochre skin tone. Japanese BB creams doesn’t have that greyish or ashy tones. It’s light weight, spreads easily and has a light to medium coverage that is buildable as you blend. It’s semi-matte and looks natural but I suggest to finish with a translucent powder for a more polished look.

14As for oil control, I had to blot my T zone after 3 hours which is okay considering I have very oily skin. Although the KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream does a better job of mattifying and keeping surface oil at bay since it has a better matte finish.

Overall, this is a good BB cream for everyday use. It protects and keeps skin hydrated, while providing  natural coverage, hiding pores, and even skintone. For me, the best thing about this BB cream is its high SPF.

What unique property or function do you look for in a BB cream? Share in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Ettusais BB Mineral White

  1. This looks like a MUST TRY! Thanks for introducing this brand to me 🙂 I didnt know that Shiseido had a drugstore brand apart from their sister brand Majolica Majorca!

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