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GLOSSYBOX Japan October Edition

October GlossyBox Japan1My interest in beauty boxes has been piqued long before I started blogging when I followed a number of beauty bloggers around the world posting about their monthly beauty box subscriptions to Glossybox, Birchbox and Jolie Box just to name a few. And Glossybox was and still is quite the most sought after among the many beauty boxes around. Available in 16 countries, Glossybox is only available in 4 countries in Asia: China, S. Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Oh when oh when are you making your way to the Philippines?
October GlossyBox Japan2My friend Sachiko in japan has been a subscriber of the Glossybox and we decided to swap beauty boxes for Christmas. We’ve been friends for almost 5 years now and we’ve exchanged presents each Christmas. I sent her the November Glamourbox with extra cosmetics and an I  ♥ Manila vanity kit and she sent me the October Glossybox with a sweet note and some Coffret D’Or lipstick, mascara and a lipstick palette sample.

Coffret D'OrFor those not familiar with Coffret D’Or, it is one of Kanebo’s mid range brands catered to young to mature female professionals. This is probably Shiseido Maquillage’s competition.

October GlossyBox Japan3The box is very sturdy and I like how they elegantly designed it without the screaming labels or logos which makes it functional. You can use it for storing other stuff and display it in your room.

October GlossyBox Japan4Similar to other beauty boxes, it comes with an information card containing the details of each featured product.

October GlossyBox Japan5Except for the Zoya nail polish, it’s really nice how each item is individually packed in a clear plastic case. This is so Japanese but it keeps everything neat and organized assured that the products aren’t tumbling over each other while in transit. Each product had a marketing pamphlet but since I can’t read Japanese, I’ll just enjoy looking at the photos.

Jurlique Rose Hand CreamThe first thing that caught my eye was the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream. I’ve seen and read about the Australian brand Jurlique, a Bio Organic Skin Care brand I’ve been wanting to try. So I’m pretty excited especially since I love lotions and hand creams and –did I mention I love rose scents too?

Kanebo Impress BrightenerNext is Kanebo‘s high-end skin care brand Impress. The Impress Brightener is a liquid concentrate with a mild clean scent which gently removes old keratins containing melanin to reveal a skin soft and radiant as the day you were born.

NO-MU-BA-RA Rose WaterI thought this was a water mist. Apparently I was wrong. After a bit of research, The No-Mu-B-Ra Rose Water is a beauty liquid supplement you add to your water, tea or sparkling wine to drink. Now I’ll have to get myself some sparkling wine.

Nomubara Rose WaterThis Rose Water beauty drink has quite a number of benefits. The fragrance of the Rose water reduces stress, its anti-bacterial properties freshens one’s breath, inhibits body odor and with continued use, your body will naturally smell like fresh roses. Don’t we all want that. As a natural antioxidant, it keeps the skin moisturized. It also helps with constipation, blood circulation, and monthly menstrual cramps. It is recommended to use one packet to up to 3 cups.

Ella Bache Non Silicone ShampooOh my goodness! This smells amazing! It has a very rich clean scent. The moment I took it out of the package, the scent just filled the air. It makes you wanna take a shower. Ella Bache’ is an Australian brand used in many luxury spas and hotels around the world.  This shampoo is silicone free and Japan has had quite a number of mainstream shampoos going non silicone.

ZOYA Nail Polish BC10Last but one least, the ZOYA Nail Professional Lacquer in BC10. This has a really pretty coral pink iridescent shade. And it’s quick dry too.

Are you subscribed to a monthly beauty box? Share in the comments below.

For those who are too shy to comment or ask questions using the comments box, you can send me an email at I’d be happy to reply even if I may not be able to answer your questions.

6 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX Japan October Edition

  1. What a lovely box! I share your sentiments about Glossybox delivering to only 4 countries in Asia:( the beauty boxes we have in sg are nowhere as amazing as those! Anyways just wanted to drop by to say thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  2. Never seen a Japanese Glossybox post before! It’s cool how they put all the products in different bags, I always receive my Swedish Glossyboxes with the products all over the place haha~

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