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Ettusais Lip Essence2Merry Christmas Everyone! I’ve been quite busy this holiday season and Santa has been really good to me (or maybe I’ve been good this year :Þ ). I received quite a few number of presents most of which are cosmetics. Even though I didn’t receive anything on my wish list, I am still more than grateful. One of things on my wish list was a Korres Lip Butter because I can’t seem to have enough lip balms or lip treatments. Instead of the Korres Lip Butter, I got 3 Ettusais Lip Essences from Misako who also sent other Ettusais products.

In the midst of the holiday madness, I got to steal some time to take photos and write my thoughts down. The Ettusais Lip Essences are some of Ettusais’ products under the “Back to the Baby” campaign.  Ettusais is right in the middle of the baby lips trend alongside Maybelline with their own Baby Lips line.
Ettusais Lip Essence OriginalEttusais Lip Essence Original
Packaged in a pearly peach tube, it is small, handy and easy to dispense. It’s very easy to control how much product you want and you really don’t need a lot. Formulated fragrance and alcohol free, it is a rich essence made with hyper gloss oil, glycerin, Glucosyl Hesperidin, which stimulates blood circulation for that natural pinkish lips and contains SPF 18 for UV protection. It keeps the lips moisturized while it treats dryness, roughness and reduces the appearance of vertical lines making your lips baby looking.
 I like applying it before and after putting on lipstick. It provides a soft sheen and prevents my lips from drying when wearing lipstick.
Ettusais Lip Essence HoneyEttusais Lip Essence Honey
This one has everything the Ettusais Orignal Lip Essence has plus Royal Jelly, honey, Hyaluronic acid and beeswax. It has a nice sweet scent and is slightly sticky like a lip coat.
Ettusais Lip Essence Tinted ColorEttusais Lip Essence Tinted Color
A limited edition, the Ettusais Lip Essence Tinted Color gives your lips a nice rosy tint.

The Ettusais Lip Essences work great both as a lip gloss and lip treatment. It has all the basic functions I’m looking for in a lip gloss/treatment –especially the UV protection.  Nothing advances (or the appearance of ) aging more than sun exposure. As for baby looking lips, I can’t say no to that 🙂

What new lip gloss/lip balm or treatment have you tried recently? Share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Ettusais Lip Essences

  1. These seem like really great products. I wonder if their sold in the U.S. I always fall back to Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, usually the honey color or the original clear one. However, I’ve had a sample of By Terry Baume de Rose and it is amazing; the best balm as far as moisturizing as well as color! It’s also used as a dewy/cheekbone highlighter. It’s truly absolutely smashing–but it’s just so expensive! I believe it’s approximately $58? Ridiculous…I know. YSL’s Sheer Volupte and Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine are great as well and have a really diverse and great color range!

    1. For a drugstore brand, their products are really good. Maybe they’re not but they’re probably available on Amazon. I’ve read the brand By Terry mentioned in beauty magazines being popular among hollywood stars. Sounds good 🙂

  2. Is the original lip essence sticky? I want to try one of these but I’m a bit worried that because they are so glossy, it will make my hair stick to my lips. I quite like the look of the honey one 🙂

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