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Sensible Purchases of 2012

2012 Best Purchases1As the year is winding down, I took the time to look back on my beauty splurges and evaluated which items were worth my money. I must admit not everything I bought this year were all essential but I am very happy that I made some very sound purchases this year that I can actually consider investments.

Clarisonic Mia21. Clarisonic Mia2

This beauty gadget deserves a standing ovation. In July, I decided to get myself a late birthday present. Theย Clarisonic Mia2. I have seen a lot of great reviews and beauty gurus can’t imagine living life without this beauty gadget. Having active oil glands, my battle with clogged pores and acne has been tedious and having this as a weapon, well I’m finally getting the upper hand.

Boscia Set2. Boscia Set

The Boscia set was a sweet bonus that came with the Clarisonic Mia2. Initially, I wasn’t wowed by it but I’ve grown to love this brand. It offers outstanding skin care products and I can only wish it was available in the Philippines because shipping is a pain in the neck. My favorites are the Detoxifying Black Cleanser and the Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel because these stuff works.

SK Facial Treatment Essence3. SK II Facial Treatment Essence

Definitely one of the biggest purchases I made this year. I paid almost the same amount for my Clarisonic and the price tag is worth it. Some of my friends in Japan use this brand and they swear by it. Even beauty guru Michelle Phan uses SK II as part of her care regimen. So I tried the Facial Treatment Essence last year, I started with the 75 mL and my skin loved it meaning no major negative reactions. My skin was more vibrant and looked healthier as it promotes outer skin renewal. So on a trip to HongKong I made sure to get the biggest bottle available in Sasa.

Mommy Patch Moroccan Argan Oil4. Mommy Patch Moroccan Argan Oil

A miracle worker, the Moroccan Argan Oil did my hair some wonders and I’ve yet to use is on my skin. For a small bottle, it is pricey but it is worth every penny as it has helped revive my hair back to life. Well, I use a lot of hair products but no other hair product has prevented split ends ย and hair breakage like the Argan oil.

Argilift5. Argilift

Although a very recent purchase, which we got from our dermatologist, this wrinkle serum targets physiological causes of skin aging in specific areas such as the eye area and forehead. At 35 it’s time to start using anti aging products to fight the signs of aging. It stimulates collagen formation, enhances epidermal ceramide synthesis, prevents and reduces UV induced hyper-pigmentation. But I’m not expecting results anytime soon as this stuff takes time.

Which beauty purchases of 2012 are you most proud of? Share in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Sensible Purchases of 2012

  1. How much did you pay for the Mommy Patch Moroccan Argan Oil ? It seem like there are a lot of Moroccan Oil hair product in the market right now. They all come in different brand and price.

      1. I was thinking of trying out pumpkin seed oil ^.^ I saw it at the market the other day. Hopefully it will work well for my home made hair mask ^.^

        Argan oil can wait until I finish college lol I still too poor for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just received the Mia as a gift, but I’m already in love. After one use my skin looks so much better! Definitely agree with you about it being an investment piece.

  3. Oh I love your beauty collection. I’m so curious about this Clarisonic since everyone talks about it in the beauty world. I hope one day I could try it just to get a comparison with my ElishaCoy one hehe. I’m a big fan of Argan Oil based products, but never tried the pure oil one. Sometimes it’s good to invest on something when you know it’s going to work, rather than jumping about buying things and then end up wasting your money. I learned that the hard way haha.

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