AUBE Essence Premium Rouge

AUBE Essence Premium RougeI might have finally found my HG lip gloss in AUBE’s Essence Premium Rouge, their latest release for Spring 2013. A Christmas present (I know, I’ll soon finish with them all) from my friend Yumiko, she raves about this lip gloss saying it’s better than Shiseido Maquillage’s Lip Liquid Rouge (which they recently upgraded to Lip Essence Glamorous Rouge) and she was excited for me to try it and blog about it.

So thank you Yumiko! I’ll see you in June 🙂 This post is dedicated to you.

AUBE Essence Premium Rouge9Let me start by praising the packaging. I think I’m never going to get tired of admiring Japan’s top class packaging of cosmetics. The AUBE Essence Premium Rouge is elegantly and smartly packaged. AUBE by the way, is one of KAO’s mid-high end cosmetic brand.

You might worry about not knowing what color the gloss is with the matte opaque pink case but the little long diamond window on the side shows the color of the gloss and how much you’ve got left. Unlike other twist open lids, this one has a smart and easy twist open lock. You only have to turn the lid less than a 45 degree angle and pull the wand out. To close, you just place the wand back and twist to hear the lock click and you’re done. It’s perfect for on the go and quick touch ups.

AUBE Essence Premium Rouge12When you turn the cap, the wand rotates inside stirring the gloss and reaching the bottom and sides of the bottle getting enough product on your applicator.  This is useful when you’re getting to the bottom but you still want to get the most out of the product before tossing it away. The applicator is slanted for that quick and easy application.

AUBE Essence Premium Rouge10The PK251, is a natural nude pink shade that you can wear alone or smooth over your lipstick. It provides a nice soft luster, lessening the appearance of vertical lines making your lips look full. It uses the Pearl Gold Harmonization technology to blend with any skin tone. Lastly, it’s formulated with moisture sustaining polymer to keep your lips moist and hydrated for many hours. This didn’t dry out my lips and when you wipe it off, your lips aren’t left chapped.

So Yumiko was right. This lip essence gloss glides on smoothly and is not sticky at all. But with Japan’s here today, gone tomorrow products, it’s hard to decide on an HG. Let’s hope AUBE doesn’t discontinue this one or replace it soon. But hey, they always come up with something better.

Have you found your HG lip gloss yet? Share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “AUBE Essence Premium Rouge

  1. Hi Beejay! What a lovely surprise to see my small present and my name on the internet! I’m super happy if you like that rouge. I’m keep reserching new products for our ultimate choice. See you soon!

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