Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes

Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes5I got these solid perfumes when I did some hauling last November. I was so impressed with the Mommy Patch products I was given the opportunity to try: The Moroccan Argan Oil, The Lavender Rescue Stick and the Room and Linen Spray that I was compelled to include these cute looking Solid Perfumes in my purchase. I have a hard time saying no to tin can packaging.

Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes1I’ve tried solid perfumes from Bath and Body and L’Occitane and what I like about them is they’re handy, spill free/proof, and travel friendly. The Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes come in 5 variants: Merry Berry, Dark Vanilla, Silk Tea, Lemon Drops and Olive Dream. I picked up the first 3 because I love scents with citrus notes that smells clean and sweet.

These Solid Perfumes are Petroleum and Paraben free. The consistency is less solid than the Cocoa Lip Butter Rescue  and you get enough of the product without really working it. It’s not sticky, creamy or oily.

Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes4The Merry Berry has the mildest scent. It smells citrusy and clean. The Dark Vanilla is my personal favorite. It’s not overly sweet and the scent is just very relaxing, comforting–it gives you that cozy feeling. The Silk Tea smells sophisticated but not overwhelming. I’m very happy I picked these 3 scents.

Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes3If you’re planning on trying some solid perfumes, I recommend you give the Mommy Patch Solid Perfumes a go. Retailing for 250Php each, they’re safe to use, they’re worth the price and would make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends and loved ones

Mommy Patch is also available at SESOU Nature Source kiosks and stores.

*All products in this post are non sponsored and were personally purchased

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