Coffret D’Or Bu Rouge Creamy Liquid

Coffret D'Or Creamy Liquid1I’ve almost forgotten about this liquid lipstick. Last Christmas I was blessed to receive 2 liquid lipsticks from Japan. One was the AUBE Essence Premium Rouge which I love to bits and also this one by Coffret D’Or, the BU Rouge Creamy Liquid in BE-204. But I’m not sure if this is still available since this was a limited edition for Summer 2012.Coffret D'Or Creamy Liquid2Coffret D’Or’s BU Rouge Creamy Liquid is very lightweight, fragrance free and non sticky. Like the AUBE Essence Premium Rouge, it’s very moisturizing with its Apricot Extracts and Soluble Collagen Compound.
Coffret D'Or Creamy Liquid3It prevents your lips from drying giving your lips a lip treatment every time you apply it and it lasts for a good few hours.Coffret D'Or Creamy Liquid6It smooths over nicely and the flat tip of the applicator allows for an even finish covering lines giving your lips a bit of plumping.Coffret D'Or Creamy Liquid8The black packaging is understated while the embossed hexagon patterned tiny mirrors on the silver panel in the middle gives it a subtle flair of elegance.Coffret D'Or Creamy Liquid7The BE-204 shade is more on the nude shade with a tiny hint of pink that would go well with smokey eyes or just a natural make up look. It has a translucent, light coverage so it’s advisable  to wear a lipstick close to this shade first before glossing this over for a fuller coverage.

Recently, the market is coming up with many lip products that function both as makeup and treatment. What have you tried so far? Share in the comments below.

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