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Refreshing Shower Gels from The Body Shop

The Body Shop Shower Gels_

Summer is here and I am feeling the heat! I used to look forward to the summer season in the Philippines but it feels as though the heat is getting so much hotter every year. Your body just feels sticky and sweaty that you wanna take long refreshing showers all the time.The Body Shop Shower Gels_2Thanks to my friend Hiroko who sent me a set of The Body Shop Mini Shower Gels last Christmas, I can enjoy a relaxing shower experience each day of the week.The Body Shop Shower Gels_6Out of the 7 shower gels, there are 3 that I have not tried: The Atlas Mountain Rose, The Indian Midnight Jasmine and The Sakura Shower Gels. The Body Shop Shower Gels_7I’m most excited to try the Sakura Shower Gel and experience the cool Japanese Spring, perhaps. I was there last spring and I thoroughly enjoyed the enchanting Cherry Blossoms.The Body Shop Shower Gels_5I’ve tried the rest of the shower gels: Mango, Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Lemon  all are great shower companions. The Body Shop shower Gels are soap free cleansers which are gentle enough not to leave your skin dry. They lather well and produce nice citrusy and floral scents that stay on after stepping out of the shower.

Somehow, these little shower gels make the summer heat bearable.

How are you coping with the summer heat? Share in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Refreshing Shower Gels from The Body Shop

  1. Great post and really cool product shots! Love it! 🙂 I love going to the Body Shop for body washes – my favourites are the coconut and the lemon ones. Quite keen to try the more summery ones though.

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