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L’Occitane Essential Water

Loccitane Essential Water2I have to apologize for the lack of posts lately and I blame the summer heat for that. The heat is so crazy it just makes you lazy. It just saps the energy out of me that I can’t bring myself to take photos and blog about the few products I’ve been using. I say few because the heat and humidity doesn’t really allow my skin to try so much products. During the summer, my skin gets really oily and sensitive so piling on different skin care and make up only leads to annoying breakouts. 

Loccitane Essential Water1One of those few products I’ve been (trying) using from time to time is the L’Occitane Essential Water. I have the travel size which my friend Yukiko sent me 3 months ago along with some other L’Occitane samples.  I think this is a good toner to use for the summer. It’s alcohol free so it’s very gentle. It helps balance and control oil production plus it smells like a garden. I like using it like a facial mist. I put it in the fridge for a few minutes before spraying it on. It instantly refreshes your skin. But this is also nice to use as a regular toner since it has green tea extract which is a natural anti oxidant that helps soften, firm the skin.

How do you keep your skin fresh-looking this summer? Share in the comments below.

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