Summer Memories with Regatta Fragrance ~ Leisure

Regatta Fragrance_LeisureIf you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet–or your summer memories at the very least, here’s one summer scent I’ve come to fall in love with, Regatta’s summer fragrance Leisure. Wow. That’s a lot summer in one sentence.

Be that as it may, I’ve never encountered a fragrance that spells summer leisure better than this cologne. I actually got a sample from the April Glamourbox and after using it on several occasions, I decided to get myself a bottle. It’s crisp, clean, with mild a combination of fruity and floral scents. A whiff transports you to a fresh morning in a nice summer cabana enjoying a good book or a sweet afternoon nap on a hammock with the soft cool breeze blowing your hair or your sarong.

Regatta Fragrance_Leisure1At the risk of sounding like a boring hag, I actually didn’t get to go on a summer getaway but spraying this somehow makes it feel like I went on one especially when I’m plopped down on the couch watching a TLC Getaway program. But who knows, I might actually go to a country where summer is just starting or in full swing.

A 50 mL bottle retails for 395Php.

What is your favorite summer scent? Share in the comments below.

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