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Instagram Photo Dump: Japan Trip 2013

8.8There is a perfectly good reason behind the inactivity on this blog. My trip to Japan. Last year, my job allowed me to visit Japan in Spring and it was just amazing. This year, I was blessed to travel to Japan again–this time during the early summer. 11 days, 6 airports, 3 major cities, 1 suitcase equaled to loads of crazy fun and memories. Simply put, I had a blast!

So to share with you a bit of my Japan adventure, here are some photos from my instagram.








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9 thoughts on “Instagram Photo Dump: Japan Trip 2013

    1. Hi Jess! If you wanna dive right into authentic Japanese food, go to any Kaiten Sushi restaurant. It’s a feast for the eyes and palate. If you prefer to ease yourself into the Japanese cuisine, start with the Ramen or Udon shops. In Japan, whether you go to a cheap or expensive restaurant, you can expect the same service quality. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting!

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