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Point Magic Pro Pressed Powder

Point Magic Pro 5 The last time I bought a pressed powder for myself was probably about 5 years ago. I don’t know, after I started using loose mineral powder, I just stopped using pressed powders. But I do miss the no spill, handy and easy functionality pressed powders offer. Unfortunately, I have not found one that has the same skin benefits loose mineral powders have especially those that won’t break me out.

On my trip to Japan last month , I made sure to get myself a good pressed powder (well not only that) so I checked out Japan’s biggest drug stores: Daikoku and Matsumoto Kiyoshi. One can easily get lost among the many rows and aisles of skin care, makeup and hair care products. There’s so much to discover!

Point Magic Pro 1I picked up Kokuryudo’s Point Magic Pro Pressed Powder without much deliberation thanks to @cosme, Japan’s number one online cosmetics rating site. You can find out which brands and products are garnering rave reviews from real customers and users from this website. So when I spotted the #1 @cosme tag on its package, I quickly chose medium beige or shade 22 suitable for my skin tone.

Point Magic Pro 2Point Magic Pro 6The case is very simple which I found surprising since I’m used to Japan’s unique, elegant and cute cosmetic packaging. But I like how it perfectly fits in my palm so it’s not bulky at all. It can easily fit in your hand bag or clutch bag.

Point Magic Pro 3You won’t worry about ruining your manicure because it’s very easy to open but shuts tightly. It has a nice soft puff you can put to good use unlike some pressed powders that carry useless powder puffs. They’re either too flimsy or too hard or rough to the skin. I also like how the mirror is big so you won’t need to squint or bring the compact really close to your face like a grandma having a hard time checking her makeup in the mirror.

Point Magic Pro 4This pressed powder contains 92% mineral ingredients, has SPF 15 and it’s paraben free. So it’s suitable for those with sensitive or acne prone skin.  It’s moisturizing but absorbs surface oil which is great for touch ups. It covers pores really well and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It has a nice natural smooth finish semi-matte finish. You can use it alone or apply on top of your sunscreen or BB cream. I bought it on sale for 1,200Yen which is roughly around 500Php but the regular price is 1,365Yen.

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