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Loveruss Curl Make Mist

Loveruss Curl Make MistI’ve always wanted to achieve soft curls that last for a few good hours. But styling mousses and hair sprays leave my curls looking artificial and stiff to touch. During my Japan trip, I found an inexpensive hair product that keeps curls soft and natural looking.

Loveruss Curl Make Mist2While browsing the aisles of Matsukiyo in Shibuya, I found this curling mist from Kose. The Loveruss Curl Make Mist comes in a 180mL pearlescent pale pink simple plastic bottle. The tiny embossed heart and angel wings on the back are cute extras to enjoy. I like how the bottle is slim and it curves just below its neck so it’s easy to hold when you’re spraying it over your hair. The mist is very light, non sticky and smells of sweet peaches.

Loveruss Curl Make Mist3The Loveruss Curl Make Mist contains “air fit polymers” which keeps curls soft and fluffy and a “moisture protection component” that keeps your hairstyle from collapsing. It also contains ingredients to protect the hair from the heat from the styling tools we use. Even on rainy days, you can enjoy soft curls and waves. It retails around 6Usd at Rakuten Global.

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