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Soda Water “Bubble” Mask

Soda Water MaskYey September is here! It’s been over a month since my last entry and for those of you (still) following my blog, I apologize for the long absence–well this was the longest period my blog was inactive.

August wasn’t such a great month with all the storms and typhoons in the Philippines–it just made everything so dreary for me and well–there were just some things in life more important than cosmetics that I had to attend to like learning how to back up data after my Macbook crashed.

But now that September is here, I can’t help but feel excited because this little beauty blog is turning 1. I have a few things lined up plus a bit of anniversary blog giveaway so stay tuned.

Soda Water Mask2_2Today I wanna share with you a very unique face mask I recently tried– the Soda Water Mask or what I like to call “Bubble Mask”. This is such a fun mask! It’s so interactive that I never thought using a face mask could be so exciting.

Last June, I got to visit Japan for business and a bit of pleasure and one of my friends Yumiko gave me 2 packs of this Bubble Mask to try. She said this is the latest Japanese beauty trend. Japanese women consider face masks an integral part in their beauty regimen. Most of them never go a week without using a face mask. While there are all sorts of face masks: sheet masks, mud packs, gel masks and many more, the newest concoction is the Soda Water Mask also known as Carbonic Acid Water Mask.

Soda Water Mask1_1

I tried the mask with Vitamin C and Argan Oil. Inside are 2 smaller packets labeled A and B. Packet A’s active ingredients are Citric, Malic and Glycolic Acids while Packet B contains Carbonate Na, Bicarbonate NA, Sea salts, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Argan Oil, Vitamin C, fruit extracts from Jujube, Grapefruit, Apple, Orange, leon and Lime. This mask is supposed to tighten pores, improve blood circulation, moisturize, brighten and de-stress your skin.

Soda Water Mask3_3.jpg

So you fill a big bowl with water, add the contents of the 2 packets and you’ll see it sizzle,  foam up and turn into a bubbly delight. It’s like doing a science experiment! You then submerge your face into the bowl for 3-5 minutes making sure to come up for air. You’ll feel the bubbles fizzing and popping on your skin. It reminds me of those Fizz Pop candies that explode inside your mouth like fire crackers. It’s a similar sensation but you feel it on your skin. It can be a bit overwhelming at first but then you feel its carbonic action working on your skin which makes you kind of want to keep your face in the bowl until the entire thing fizzes out. After 5 minutes, scoop some of that bubbly to rinse your face. You’ll notice your skin will turn reddish which is normal but it quickly subside after a few minutes. Here’s the visual instruction from the Japanese website where you’ll also find an (funny) instructional video.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Despite the redness, I felt my skin refreshed, revived, and pampered right after I toweled off but when the redness subsided, I did see my overall complexion brighten. Overall, it’s a great face mask you’ll want to keep a stash of and I can’t wait for it to become available in the Philippines.

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