Shiseido Integrate Forming Cheek Blush Duo

Shiseido Integrate BlushJapanese convenience stores are more than just convenience stores. Despite the limited space, they stock an astonishing variety of items and include other services from postal to payment and ticketing services. And for women who are looking for quick and reliable beauty fixes, one will find a good selection of cosmetics that doesn’t disappoint. I was browsing through the aisles of Lawson, known to be the #2 convenience store in Japan, when I came upon the Integrate line, one of Shiseido’s drugstore brands.

While Integrate may not carry a wide product line or color range, most Japanese women find the brand reliable in the sense that it has the basic items and color hues one must have in their makeup purse. You can easily find an alternative from Integrate or even a “dupe” in case you forgot your lengthening mascara or that brown autumn quad. As for me who’s still waddling my way through makeup, I feel comfortable and not too intimidated to choose and pick up something to use or practice with.

IMG_1283_1I’ve been meaning to a purchase a peachy shade or coral blush after I finished up my KATE Color Cheek S in RD1 I a little over a year ago but decided to hold off for a while since I still have some blushes to go through–mostly rose and pink shades. Also I couldn’t find the peachy pink shade I was looking for and I wasn’t ready to spend a fortune and get myself one of those big brand names since I’m still a “makeup beginner” and I don’t really need to wear makeup everyday.
IMG_1287The Integrate Forming Cheek Blush Duo in OR210, is the only orange-y or peachy shade in the line. It comes in a 2 color palette, and you’re supposed to be able to create a 3 dimensional impression on your cheeks by deftly blending the two colors. It should provide the accent your cheek requires to complete your makeup look.OR210I’m quite satisfied with the color pay off. It’s not too pigmented but the color is buildable, has a slight shimmer and the texture is fine and smooth. It clings quite well and stays on for several hours. I like using shade number 2 as a highlighter for my brow bone and nose bridge. As for the brush, It’s really nice and soft but doesn’t pick up enough product so I prefer using my fingers or my multifunctional kabuki brush. I’m happy with this blush.  You can create a natural peachy flush or a full on coral chic look.

Many high street Japanese cosmetic brands are starting to make their way to the Philippines and I’m hoping Integrate will soon join the pack. Isn’t it exciting?

4 thoughts on “Shiseido Integrate Forming Cheek Blush Duo

  1. It is a lovely little blush palette. I like Integrate and Integrate Gracy products. I love that you can buy cosmetics and beauty products at convenient stores here – I think there are many office ladies who have to work late or even overnight…or you might have a romantic encounter where you need to “freshen up” or nab toiletries so you won’t look too shabby the next morning…

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