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Empties #2: September 2013

Empties Top2Here I am again with another empties post! I know–my last one was way back in February but it took me a (long) while to fill my empties box with some interesting products. Well, probably not so interesting. I’ve reviewed most of them but perhaps you’ll find my final thoughts on these products helpful.


I got these in Japan on my trip last June. Reveur is a popular Japanese non silicone brand and after trying a sample, I wanted to get the full size to bring home for my sisters. But the big bottles were too bulky for my suitcase so I opted for the refill pack. The combination of berries and Damask rose smells wonderful. It lingers even the day after using it.  My hair easily tangles but this made my hair soft and smooth and very manageable.


Although this has some of the nasties such as SLS and silicone that some people are trying to avoid, it really kept my hair soft, smooth and shiny.  I got a full color plus highlights back in July and my hair easily dries out with the harsh chemicals hair colors contain so my sister and I tried this out and after switching to a non treatment shampoo, my hair became crazy dry so this stuff works. I would recommend this to those who looking to revive dry hair or prevent further damage to chemically treated hair who aren’t so sensitive to SLS and silicone.


This was a sample from the maiden issue of the BDJ box. My sisters used this for short and over night trips so I didn’t really use this consistently. There wasn’t anything special about this hair treatment. It functioned just like a regular conditioner.


I wasn’t able to find this in the English website of Hada Labo so this is probably exclusively sold in Vietnam where my sister traveled last summer. Like the Hada Labo lotion, this one was very gentle and hydrating. I think it’s fragrance free or at least I couldn’t smell any scent and it didn’t irritate my skin or left it tight and dry.  It’s anti aging and moisturizing. A great morning cleanser.


This took forever to finish. I just wanted to even out the skin tone on my legs and arms so I picked this up at Watsons last year but it irritated my elbow creases.  So I ended up using it just on my knees and elbows. Not recommended for sensitive skin.


The best translucent powder I’ve tried although I haven’t tried a lot. This is actually my sister’s who has a darker skin tone and I do so I like that this fits all types of skin tone. It’s very fine and just disappears into the skin but it leaves a satin-like veil over your setting powder. Touching up your makeup with this leaves your makeup looking fresh and luminous.

DHC DEEP CLEANSING OIL-My HG oil cleanser. There. I finally said it. Other great makeup removers here.

THE BODY SHOP SHOWER GELS-Must have for the summer. These helped me survive the summer heat.

-ATLAS MOUNTAIN ROSE-My favorite! It’s mildly musky.

-SWEET LEMON-The zest of lemon is very refreshing.

-MANGO-The scent of mango is very sweet.

ETTUSAIS LIP ESSENCES-The best lip treatment I’ve ever tried. I’m planning on cutting the tube open just to use whatever’s left inside. I am now looking to purchase and perhaps stock up. Read  my review here.

-HONEY-slightly sticky but very tolerable. Smells amazing!

-COLOR-slightly tinted but doesn’t stain the lips.

MOMMY PATCH MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL-My third bottle. Love this stuff! Reviewed here.

MOMMY PATCH LAVENDER LINEN & ROOM SPRAY-Refreshes a stuffy room like a champ! Reviewed here.

WEN SWEET ALMOND MINT CLEANSING CONDITIONER-Beyond my price range. My thoughts here.

‘Til the next empties post. Thanks for reading! ♡

6 thoughts on “Empties #2: September 2013

  1. Congrats on finishing all these up!! I really strive to finish products too. And one makeup empty in at least two months is a major triumph for me! Hihi.

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