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Matsuyama M Mark Gel Cleanser

IMG_1476OrigFinalEarly this month, I took a rest from my usual SK II regimen and tried out several skincare products. In the midst of trying out a new cleanser, a toning lotion, a facial mask, a sunscreen, my skin started to look red and started feeling tight and sting-y. While I couldn’t remember which product my skin negatively reacted to, I had to find a quick solution to the pressing matter at hand. I didn’t want to deal with another hyper pigmentation issue. I knew I had to remove everything I applied on my face but I was afraid my usual cleansers would be too strong which could potentially make things worse.
IMG_1477I needed something soothing enough to calm the redness and one that wouldn’t sting. Also something that I could use not just on a temporary basis but long term–a gentle, soothing and effective cleanser. I looked through my stash hoping to find a sample of a cleanser that would save me from my predicament when I spotted the Matsuyama M Mark Gel Cleanser. This was a present I received from my friend Sachie, when I visited Tokyo in June. She was excited to share with me her favorite cleanser. I remember her mentioning this is good for sensitive and dry skin. It uses soybean germ extract, a natural ingredient commonly used in Japanese traditional cosmetics.  My Japanese friends know about skincare and beauty far more than I do so I didn’t think twice about using this to bring my skin back to its normal state.
IMG_1483Upon opening the clear tube, I took a sniff to find out if it had any strong fragrance but I almost couldn’t smell anything except for a hint of natural scent I couldn’t identify. It’s not disgusting or anything, in fact it’s a gentle natural scent that’s quite pleasant.
Matsuyama M Mark.jpgThe gel is clear and not sticky nor hard to work on your skin. It easily melts into a white milky emulsion upon contact with water. it doesn’t bubble or work into suds but you feel it soothing and moisturizing your skin as you gently massage it to cleanse your face.  After rinsing, my face didn’t sting anymore and the redness significantly subsided. I was very impressed with the immediate results that I suddenly remembered I had very little knowledge about this product or brand.

After doing a bit of research, the Matsuyama M Mark brand is known for using natural ingredients in their product. The M Mark Series with the Brown label which includes this gel is targeted for adult women with moisture retention problem including those with acne prone skin. As women age, we lose moisture and the ability to retain moisture thus affecting the skin’s complexion, suppleness, as well as elasticity. The soybean germ extract which contains peptide glycerin helps  moisturize and retain moisture in the skin. I also found out that the right kind of peptide helps the skin build collagen thus reducing wrinkles.

I hope this cleanser has the collagen building kind of peptide. In any case, I’m happy I could try this unique cleanser. It was a lifesaver.

Which product has saved you from a recent skin disaster?

2 thoughts on “Matsuyama M Mark Gel Cleanser

    1. I’m sure your pimples are just stress related so it will clear up soon. 🙂 Unfortunately this one is not yet available here. But a lot of Japanese brands have started making their way to the Philippines it probably won’t be long before we can get our hands on this gel cleanser.

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